Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mighty Leaf- Green Tea Tropical

So I picked this tea up at the supermarket because my mom had raved about this brand and I'd heard that it was a good supermarket tea. Read my review to see why I don't think I'll be getting this tea for myself again. Maybe for my mom who's still trying to get used to the flavor of green tea- the fruit flavor might help her.
Tea Box and Sachet
Sachet w/ Dry Leaves
Name: Green Tea Tropical
Company: Mighty Leaf
Price: $7.66; Sachets
Suggested Amount: 1 Sachet for 8oz
My Amount: 2 Sachets for 16oz
Caffeine: Not very much

1st Steep: 
  • Time: 3 Minutes
  • Temp: 175°F
2nd Steep:
  • Time: 3.5 Minutes
  • Temp: 175°F
Green tea, natural tropical flavors, natural flavors, flower petals, pineapple bits

Dry: Smells wonderful, you can definitely pick out the pineapple smell. Nice full leaves and very minimal tea fannings. You can see the blue cornflowers, some red flower, but I didn't see the pineapple bits that others have talked about.

Tea Liquor:
  • 1st Steep: Very nice deep golden colour.
  • 2nd Steep: Dark Yellow
2nd Steeping
1st Steeping
Flavor: Fruity, Weak

 On first taste I unfortunately found this tea to be weak and lacking in any tropical flavors. With some previous experience with teas that have artificial flavoring, I knew that a tiny bit of sugar might help bring out the tropical taste I was looking for. After a teaspoon of sugar I found that the tea did get much better, but as the tea cooled instead of getting less bitter like other teas, it actually got more bitter. I wouldn't suggest a second steeping because its just weaker.

Overall, I guess I would suggest this to someone who isn't used to Green teas and wants to slowly get into it.


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