Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tay Tea- Twiggy Loose Leaf Oolong Tea Blend

I got an awesome Tay Tea sampler full of morning teas from my mother's friend for Christmas. I absolutely loved every single one of them (especially the Kyoto) and I just had to review them! Although I had never heard of this company before, it is fast becoming one of my new faves. I plan on reviewing all of the teas in my sample set eventually, but I went ahead and decided to review this one first because I have yet to review an Oolong. 

Company: Tay Tea
Price: $16.00
Suggested Amount: 1 Teaspoon for 8oz
My Amount: 2 Teaspoons for 14oz
Caffeine: Light Caffeine

1st Steep: 
  • Time: 3 minutes
  • Temp: 185°F
2nd & 3rd Steep:
  • Time: 3.5 minutes
  • Temp: 185°F
Ingredients: Oolong tea leaves, chrysanthemum flowers

Dry: Nice, full, beautifully curled leaves. The flowers make it aesthetically pretty.

Steeped Tea (SO PRETTY)
Tea Liquor:
  • 1st Steep: Gold
  • 2nd Steep: Gold-Yellow
  • 3rd Steep: Yellow
1st Steep
Flavor: Smoky, full-bodied, smooth

Notes: This tea is absolutely wonderful! It has that wonderful smoky flavor that you is usually expected with most Oolongs, but what it was missing was what truly made this a new fave. I've found it hard to find Oolongs that aren't bitter and have sharp aftertastes, but this one was VERY smooth (I think maybe because of the chrysanthemum flowers). The 2nd and 3rd steeping were a little weaker but heavy enough to still be delicious. The roasted taste made this tea a wonderful tea to start a cold winter morning. Overall, I would definitely recommend everyone give this one a try.


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